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"I have worked with a variety of trainers over the last several years - but I have always found myself getting bored or annoyed or stuck in a plateau. I've never felt truly confident about the money I've spent on trainers until I met Mark just over two years ago. Mark challenges me to do more, confident that I can be successful though I might doubt it. Though we do chat and catch up, he is always cognizant of being sure I get a good workout - a balance most trainers get wrong. He always notices when weights look "too light", and sets up friendly competitions with his other clients. He adds variety to our workouts, and his wide experience and knowledge means he can shift quickly when I throw a curve-ball his way like a stress-related injury or a desire to work on a specific area. I love Mark's positive attitude and outlook, and he has an incredible ability to lift me out of my funk or help me look at things in a different way when I'm disappointed with my performance. Though I've always been fit, my body has transformed since I started working with Mark. I've dropped from 127 lbs to my high school weight - 120 lbs - something I never thought possible, but which Mark always knew I could achieve."


I can’t even explain the impact Mark has made on my life. I have worked with trainers in the past but have never felt the caring and devotion that Mark puts in every session. With his encouragement of faith that he always has in me, he has not only helped me to get stronger and healthier body but also a stronger and healthier mind. No matter how much I complain he drives me forward. Mark is always interested in listening to my babblings each day, but doesn’t allow it to get in the way of great workout. Instead he directs my frustrations into the exercises letting me use that energy to intensify my workout.


Mark gets results!  Since I’ve been training with Mark, I’ve gained muscle, improved my core strength and lost body fat.  Mark is passionate about fitness and it shows through the knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm he brings to each session.  He makes each workout challenging, fun and focused on my health and fitness goals.  I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.  If you want to look and feel better, Mark will lead you every step of the way.


 It gives me great pleasure to write about Mark Wood. Mark is cool, Mark is committed and Mark motivates you to reach your fitness goals. Mark is a friend, a with-it energetic guy who even gets groups of friends together for additional outdoor workouts or long distance races, just for fun! I told him right in the beginning that I didn’t want to be doing the thinking. In my job I am required to do the thinking, to be alert and to be focused. However, when working out, I leave that thinking and planning over to Mark. His methods of training leave you with the tools that you can apply on your own. He knows the human body with all the muscle groups, he understands the impact of diet and nutrition and he never compromises on form and functionality. In all these years I have never suffered a single injury. Sign up and show up, and you will soon find that Mark becomes one of your close friends.

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